Press Release

1 November 2016

ART MATTERS! …for everyone …as creativity is at the core of innovation and innovation is crucial to our better future!

Pop Up Art, is calling artists and art lovers to be part of a social media campaign: #artmatters

The campaign encourages artists to be heard. Supporting the need for direct investment, in the arts – with focus on the people.

“Government owned infrastructure, for art and culture, is great – but not enough to make a sustained difference in the lives of the individuals, who dedicate themselves to creativity” says Karen Corr, Director Make A Change Australia

“We’ve been working tirelessly over the last 5 years in partnership with 4 local Councils, to set up Pop Up Art – an arts enterprise model, that supports Central Victorian artists to sell more work.” says Pop Up Art founder and International Producer Sharon Seyd.

“Our goal is to realise a Collective Arts Enterprise that will take the work of artists, out of the region, to a much broader market and eventually translate into art sales, globally. There are opportunities for online art sales nationally and internationally, tapping into a global market last year reaching $63.8 billion.”

Pop Up Art organisers and partnering Councils, Bendigo, Macedon, Hepburn and Mount Alexander, recognise that a collective solution addresses the common challenge that individual artists have limited time and resources, to market themselves independently.

“Artists living and working outside of urban locales face unique challenges and barriers to selling their work and sustaining a viable art practice . POP UP ART is a bold and innovative project that seeks to elevate the profile of over 200 Central Victorian artists” says City of Greater Bendigo Arts Coordinator Maree Tonkin.

“The role that the creative sector plays in our economy is well documented, but not widely accepted. For communities to derive the economic and social benefits from a robust local creative economy, we need to be very strategic in how we target investment and support” says Robyn Till, Macedon Rangers Shire Council Arts Officer.

Pop Up Art, an initiative of Jumpleads NFP, is a not for profit model that requires external investment, to ensure it can be community owned, without exclusion based on affordability of participation.

“We want to ensure it’s accessible and affordable for professional artists and financially sustainable for the long term” continues Sharon.

“We are putting out the call, to all artists and art lovers: Get in touch and share why art matters and why initiatives like Pop Up Art are worth backing.”

See below for more information and how to get involved. Participating Councils Include: Mount Alexander, Hepburn, Macedon Ranges and Bendigo

How to Get Involved
Send us an image: yourself as an artist ; an artist you know ; an artwork you love.
Share your message on our Pop Up Art social media  with the words #artmatters.
You can make it as simple or as creative as you like.
Include the hashtag #artmatters and share it on your social media, encouraging others to do the same.
We’ll collate this and include it as part of our advocacy work.

Instagram: @popupartgroup
Twitter: @popupartgroup
For more information contact:
Tamara Marwood
0427 486 929 |

Overall Project Description

Pop Up Art has been developed to support professional Central Victorian Visual Artists, to sell more work. It provides this opportunity, directly through a well organized thoroughly researched business model. In this, artists can leverage their individual efforts, via a group initiative that allows for economies of scale in relation to: the costs of exhibition, presentation, distribution and marketing.

In turn project growth promises to also build the regional destination brand in cultural tourism and support local economies.

While the primary aim of the model is to create employment, strengthen arts businesses and bolster the sector.


With the growth of the entire region in terms of population, cultural tourism and small business activity, the arts have become a key theme for all four Councils. Each participating Council Plan includes engaging residents in cultural activity for community wellbeing, leveraging from cultural tourism to bring visitors to the region and increasing small business commercial opportunities through cultural events.

This project will increase capacity for local artists, invigorate the local arts scene and
consolidate the profile of the region as a cultural destination. Regionally it yields tourism marketing benefits highlighting the region for new audiences and functionally it provides a promotions ‘vehicle’ with existing momentum for cross promotion of regional cultural events.

For the Communities represented, the program is a means to display the talents of The Region & build bridges with ‘others’ beyond the region. Providing an attractive offering and engendering curiosity in the region as a whole.